Affordable Price Ceramic Flower Vase 

A flower vase is essential for trimming your living area because you need something to put your flowers in. Also, people feel more comfortable decorating their houses with flowers. Because it introduces one's good taste. Also, you can offer flowers for any occasion. Now you can add something to make the gift more attractive. That is a dried flower bouquet. That's because it is a long-lasting flower. So if you desire a flower vase for yourself or presents, we will reach you on time safely with your ceramic flower vase. So be on a moment to attempt something new.

Clear Vase


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Clear Vase

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₱790.00 ( $ 15.32 )

Valenzuela Flora: A Collection of Stunning Flower Vases!

Valenzuela Flora is a renowned florist shop known for its stunning flower vases. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality materials to craft not only functional but also elegant and beautiful vases. Our collection includes various styles and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect vase to suit any occasion or decor.


You can see the beauty in the growing stems. You can choose any color for your vase or the transparent one where your flower bouquet will be showcased from the inside. Moreover, you can order the flowers to decorate with the vase in a combo which will take less cost for your home decoration.

Traditional Vases That Will Impress Your Guests!

Valenzuela Flora's traditional vases include a variety of timeless and classic designs. These vases feature elegant and ornate details that are sure to impress. Most of our customers are becoming our returning customers because they are in love with our quick and decent service. 


These traditional vases are beautiful as well. It will draw your guest's attention toward these vases for sure. The unique gesture and structure will compel them to ask you where you bought these beautiful vases from? You can then promote our online shop by saying the beautiful name of Valenzuela Flora.

Modern Vases That Suit Your Room's Decoration!

Valenzuela Flora's modern vases are perfect for those who prefer a more contemporary look. No matter where you place them in your drawing room or study room, they will express their beauty by adapting to the room's decor. Our vases are suitable for any types of stores, restaurants, home decor and also for your study table. 


These modern vases are helpful for you to choose from a variety of vases online. Thousands of vases are available online, which will confuse you about which one will be suitable and which one you should order. On that point of motion, we are here to solve your query with our modern vases that suit your every room's decor and are a perfect fit for your budget. 

Customize Your Vases from Valenzuela Flora

Valenzuela Flora also offers a range of custom vases crafted to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want a vase in a particular shape, size, or style, we can help bring your vision to life.


At Valenzuela Flora, a flower vase should be more than just a holder for flowers but also a work of art that can enhance the beauty of the flowers. Whether you're looking for a traditional or modern vase or something truly custom, we have something for everyone in our collection. Visit our website now to see our collection of stunning flower vases, and let us know which one you want to buy for your home or unique event decor.